Family Hope Bags

Newly diagnosed families may not have the opportunity to go home when faced with their child’s situation. These bags provide essentials that a parent and child need until they can get home. It includes a guidebook that explains what to expect during treatment, local restaurants, supportive services, information about the hospital. Plus, essentials like toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, notebook, pen, comforting items, and gift certificates to local restaurants and travel. These bags provide hope with a supportive letter from a local family who has gone through the journey. The Family Hope Bags mentally prepare a family to fight. Donated by Catie Hoch Foundation, Luke’s Legacy, Maddie’s Mark Foundation, Green Drakkoman Foundation, and Recovery Sports Grill

Child Life Specialist Support

This position, as well as many others, at The Melodies Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders at the Children's Hospital at Albany Medical Center is funded solely by donations and grants. It is such a vital positive position for pediatric cancer patients that part of our mission is to help fund it. Eventually we would like to be able to support a second position that could solely focus on the young adult population.

Some of their responsibilities include:
  • Planning and implementing therapeutic activities and programs for all ages of children and teens.
  • Providing developmentally appropriate information about their illness and procedures, as well as procedural support when needed.
  • Developing therapeutic and supportive relationships with patients and families to provide advocacy and to initiate referrals to services within the hospital and community as needed.
  • Maintaining a wide range of age appropriate equipment and supplies in activity area and exam rooms.
  • Providing additional support through training, supervising, and delegating work of volunteers and students.
  • Educating patients' families and other medical staff about the psychosocial and developmental impacts of illness and health care experiences.
  • Working with different organizations to provide information and to provide the best possible opportunities for children and their families.
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